January 2017

Why Men Need Sleeves And Condoms?

Condoms are considered to be one of the most popular contraception mechanisms in the world. Not only in India, they have been used across various cultures to add to protection for a long time.  The main reason for using them is to prevent pregnancy and any form of sexually transmitted diseases which are on the rise in the present day context. They are the straight side with regular shapes, fitted with an indent and you can go on to place it near the head of your penis. The onus is on you to decide which shape and type you are comfortable with. In fact, the variety of shapes and sizes is at the sole discretion of an individual who is using this product. You need to be spot on with your partner and figure out which condom your partner is comfortable with in the first place.

Most types than not they are waterproof and are stretchable which means that it can adjust to various cock sizes. They are durable and the icing on the cake stems from the fact that they are one of the most inexpensive mechanisms in the market to prevent any unwanted pregnancy. But not only from the protection point of view, it can add to the missing spark in your sex life as well.

The Process To Put On A Condom

First and foremost, when you put on a condom do not rush. Wait until you have a partial or a full erection. You need to be extra careful and use butter fingers to take out the condom from the packet. Such is their delicateness that when they are not taken out properly, there is a strong chance that it can scratch and it will not go on to serve the purpose for which it has been brought. You can go on to use extra lubrication on the side so that it can slide in easily.

Put On A Sleeve And Add To The Element Of Fun

A sleeve happens to be a condom sized sex toy, where you can slip it over your penis like a conventional condom. It contributes to the partner who is under penetration and adds to the element of pleasure. The cock sleeve is an ultimate pleasure seeker and for a guy who is looking to enhance his sexual life, it is must for sure. Though the ridges which are on the side may tend to appear a bit crude but when lubricated in a proper manner it can add to the punch aspect.

The condoms along with sleeves are generally made from silicon and are available in a wide variety of shapes, colors or textures. In recent times some of them are available in the market with the feature of vibration and this can be a blessing in disguise for men who have trouble in maintaining their erection for a longer period of time. The ultimate in sexual experience is provided both to the men and their partners.